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Carpet a little lumpy and bumpy lately? Wonder why that is? The number one reason for wrinkles, ripples, buckles is that the carpet was not installed properly. Carpet installers take shortcuts and usually use a knee kicker to install carpeting – this method is NOT recommended by carpet manufacturers. If the carpet installer uses a knee kicker as a primary installation tool you are being cheated and you will experience carpet wrinkling usually two to five years after the installation.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) of Dalton, Georgia is an unbiased company. It is a trade association for the Dalton carpet industry, which is an industry that produces 95 percent of all American-made carpets. And CRI, unbiased towards any one carpet manufacturer or floor covering retailer, does its
 part to educate the consumer about how to properly install and clean new carpeting. Its does this through a publication about installation guidelines, which can serve as a good tool when interviewing potential certified installers to see if they know their craft.

According to the CRI installation standards “Using a mechanical device (power stretcher) is MANDATORY.”
“CAUTION: Failure to mechanically stretch a carpet may result in:
. wrinkling and buckling over time
. localized damage to carpet
. delamination
. wrinkles and buckles most often are caused by: failure to adequately stretch carpet using a
 mechanical stretching device, using inappropriate installation cushion (pad), adverse
temperature or humidity conditions”
Carpet Stretching is actually a very effective alternative to completely replacing your carpet when you start to notice wrinkles. It benefits you in many ways especially not having to spend money on buying or installing new carpet.

Rippling, wrinkling, buckles, bumps, and waves are common problems that can be easily fixed by re-stretching. Left alone
it will continue to get lumpy which makes the carpet wear out faster. A Better Carpet and Floor technicians do not cut corners by only using a knee kicker; the only thing we cut is the excess carpet when it has been fully stretched.  We always power stretch the entire room which is a re installation of your carpeting the way it should have been installed originally. By having your carpet installed properly you will not have to pay over and over again to correct the problem every few years
Improper installation can also lead to your carpet seams
coming apart. But A Better Carpet and Floor Service technicians can fix this problem so that you don’t have to worry about tripping over loose seams.

When you find yourself having problems with your carpet and you’re not ready to replace it, that’s when it’s time to call A Better Carpet and Floor Service. Our experts can examine your problem areas and help you determine the perfect solution to fix them, or whether it is time to put in new carpeting. We will do everything in our power to ensure your carpet repair experience leaves you satisfied. Give us a call and let us know what kind of carpet repair you may need.


We do more than carpet stretching. We also provide carpet cleaning, carpet repairs, upholstery cleaning,
tile and grout cleaning and water damage services.

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