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A Better Carpet and Floor Service are experts in carpet stretching, repairing pet damage, water damage repairs, permanent stains and fixing any other carpet issues that you may have. You can be confident that there is nothing that we haven't seen over the last 20+ years when it comes to damaged carpet and we make every effort to make sure that your carpet is restored to its original beauty before we leave. A Better Carpet & Floor Technicians are specialists in the art of carpet repair. Yes it's just carpet, but we're serious about it!

Call on the Experts for Carpet Stretching, Repairing Pet Damage, and Fixing Any Kind Of Carpet Issue!

We can provide solutions to common carpet repair issues that you may have:

  • Cigarette Burns
  • Iron Marks
  • Carpet to floor transitions
  • Open Seams
  • Red Stain Removal
  • Bleach Stain Repair

  Pet Damage

Our pets are an integral part of our lives and families but sometimes they can create problems with our carpet among other things. When Whiskers or Max has dug a hole into your carpet you may be tempted to think that you need to replace the entire room with new carpet but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A Better Carpet can repair, give us a call today!

Berber Carpet Repair


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to perform a carpet patch, however it does take a master technician to make it perfect and look its best. Carpet patching is an art and  takes a great amount of skill. The rows of the carpet must be perfect (especially on a berber carpet patch), the seams must be invisible and most  importantly, the direction of the fibers must be aligned correctly. If any of these musts are missing, the patch will be >more noticeable.

A Better Carpet technicians utilize the right tools to make sure we get the best results. An extra piece of carpet certainly helps, however if you don't have any, we can take the extra carpet from a closet.

Carpet To Floor Transition


One of the nice things about getting new carpet, new tile or new wood flooring is someone who is able to come out and make the ‘transition’ a smooth and pretty one. A Better Carpet & Floor Service technicians have all the skills to take any transition and make it smooth, straight and beautiful. We show up at your home or office with everything we need to do any type of transition including carpet to tile transition, a carpet to linoleum transition, a carpet to wood floor transition or any other type of carpet to floor transition.



It’s very easy to get burns from cigarette ash, a dropped iron, embers from a fireplace or a candle that has fallen, but very hard to clean up. The good news is you don’t need to replace all of your carpeting. We can either repair or patch the burnt spots using state of the art equipment and techniques.

Open Seams

Whether you have seams that have frayed or lifted, we can re-seam the area to help remove the tripping hazard and reduce the wear and tear of your carpeting. We use advanced techniques and state of the art tools to make sure the seam stays down and looks great for years to come.

Water Damage Carpet Repair

Some water damage companies do not handle putting your carpet back after the flood service has been completed. Call on A Better Carpet and Floor Service to handle your re installation of carpet, pad replacement, carpet cleaning to restore your carpet back to its original state before the damage occurred.

After water damage in your home, two major things are considered before the carpet is re-installed. The first is make sure that the carpet and flooring is completely dry to prevent mold and mildew issues. Secondly a determination of what type of pad is required (thickness and density) to insure a proper replacement. Call us for a free in-home written estimate.

Call on the Experts for Carpet Stretching, Repairing Pet Damage, and Fixing Any Kind Of Carpet Issue!

We do more than carpet repairs. We also provide carpet cleaning, carpet stretching, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and water damage services. 

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